Another catastrophic and heart-breaking day!

Dear friends,
Today is a tragic day in our nation as we all have heard by now the senseless murders in Vas Vegas!  Dreams have been crushed, hearts have been shattered and torrents of tears flow!  catastrophic.

Today, questions abound afresh but answers are few and far between. What we can do is pray as, “we ought always to pray and not to faint.”  As Patty and I were praying this morning the Lord reminded us that we are not to worry about tomorrow, “as each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Today is the day of salvation!  Today if we hear His voice (Lord, slow me down so that I listen) we should not harden our hearts.  Martin Luther once said, “My hope despairs; but my despair keeps me hoping!

Today, in the midst of this terrible tragedy we give thanks for the “Missions Conference” this past weekend.  We were reminded afresh that apart from Jesus there is no hope in this life and in eternity!

I want to encourage you to read Gal. 2 over and over again this week.  I challenge you to memorize Gal. 2:20-21!  Jesus is the “Light of the World” and the gospel the only hope for our depraved and troubled planet!

In our first service yesterday we sang an old song called, “I love to tell the story . . . of Jesus and His love.”  If you aren’t assured of Jesus and His love for you then you might be tempted to earn it?  If you aren’t rejoicing in the “Liberating Freedom found In His Grace” I doubt you are “telling the story?”  Please join us this weekend as we celebrate His liberating “Great News” and invite a friend too!

Rejoicing in hope,


P.S. Lanette Forrester went to be with the Lord.  She and Ralph served the Lord for many years and were a part of the Valley Church “family.”   They did not have children, but several couples/families from church became like family to them. I am not sure when and where the service will be.