Dear Church Family,

Recently I was driving to my daughter’s soccer game when I snapped a picture of a Jeep with the license plate “ALLGRNZ.” As a church family on pilgrimage, we’ve been on different surfaces this week (although we’re all heading to same ultimate destination).

Louise Winsor is on El Camino Hospital soil where she’s recovering from major foot surgery. Glen Miller is in Yangoon, having just returned from leading a pastors’ conference on terrain called “Chin State.” Kurt and Valorie Jones are in the land of Spain as they continue to rest, reflect and learn for a new season of ministry. One relatively new Valley family is on “grieving ground” because their young son lost a close friend to cancer. The Yangs are on the heights because Alissa recently gave birth to their fourth child. What kind of dust was on your feet this week? I don’t know the specifics but I know you’re on terra firma if you cling tenaciously to Jesus Christ.

Regarding tomorrow, Dave Ruder has carefully orchestrated a rich experience for all the first service worshipers that celebrates a significant turning point in church history. Daniel Kim has likewise arranged 80 special minutes for those who come to love and honor God in the second service.

Notice the vehicle in the picture. Maybe it’s heading for the mountains in the distance. Tomorrow I aim to take you on an open-air Jeep tour of the mountains inside Galatians’ Theological Park, while paying special attention to the views of God and his redemption-restoration project that we get from the end of chapter 3 and the beginning chapter 4.

Stew Peebles has prepared an excellent new Weekly CHASER (Vol. 1, No. 3) for us as we start a new seven-day stage in our journeys with God. Tomorrow when you sit down in the worship center, please don’t forget to slide it out of your bulletin and into your Bible (or tablet sleeve) so that on Monday morning we can all hear God’s voice as we read the same Scriptures. (By the way, is your CHASER from last week creased, coffee/tea stained and inked up? I hope so. Don’t forget to archive it tomorrow night in your 4X4 DISCIPLE binder or in some other safe place.) If you need help getting started with Weekly CHASER, please pick up a CD on the patio called “Scrolls for Stages: How to Use Weekly CHASER” along with a small set of notes.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to bending our knees together to King Jesus who will embrace, teach, forgive, encourage, heal and bless us.

For Him,