The Time that I…

Dear friends,

I was a senior in high school, driving my hand-me-down, beat-up, faded-blue family sedan on my way to the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  It was a school trip and had my friend with me, riding shotgun.  Some of you might remember that the old Exploratorium used to be near the Golden Gate Bridge, next to the Palace of Fine Arts.  Now, I’m a pretty good driver (just like 90% of all drivers on the road that thinks this way apparently) and figured I can get there without any issues.  After passing through the city, I was on highway 101, northbound.  We came near the amusement park based on science but I didn’t see a way to get into the parking lot.  Staying on 101, I ended up on the Golden Gate Bridge.  I got off the freeway after I crossed over into Marin county, turned around and had to pay toll to get back into SF.  I went south of our destination, turned around and tried the maneuver again.  I’m really not sure why I thought I can have different results by doing the same thing (just so you know, they call this insanity), but I tried anyway.  I got close, passed it, ended up on the bridge…paid toll the second time.  I was quickly running out of cash in my pocket and was getting pretty frustrated.  Now I know that in order to make a story like this worthy some 30 years later, THAT must be why I tried the SAME maneuver the third time!  But this time, instead of ending up on the bridge, in my teenage bravery, decided to make a U-turn between the orange sticks in order to divide the southbound and northbound traffic.  Only problem was my beat-up Ford couldn’t make the U-turn in one shot, I had to do the good ol’ Y turn—turn, stop, reverse, turn, go.  While I was sitting perpendicular on the freeway, all my friend could muster up was, “Dan…Dan!   Dan!”  I finally did make the turn, got into the parking lot with sweaty palms, increased heart beat and no cash.

If we had GPS back then, perhaps it would have been better.  Perhaps I missed signs that pointed to the right way to the Exploratorium.  I’m sure there were signs I missed along the way.

We will be looking at 2 Peter again, and the problem of false teachers.  Peter clearly was trying to warn the believers to steer clear of these teachers that deny Christ and was preaching a different Gospel than what the Apostles had preached.  I’d like to share how this applies to us and what we need to do in our world as Gospel-trusting, believing, living people.

We have baptisms happening in second service so come join the celebration!

And it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, so if you forgot, then I’m sure you can at least pick up a bouquet of flowers at a nearby grocer.

See you soon!