Hurry up and wait?

Dear friends,

What kind of a “waiter” are you? Faced with an unexpected delay at the doctor’s office, mechanic, or on your favorite freeway, do you respond with foot tapping irritation or do you resign yourself to the unavoidable interruption?  Do you pull out your “to do” list and get started with other things, or do you kick back and take a snooze?

It has been said that waiting unearths what is really in our heart. It exposes what happens when our hopes and dreams go unmet. Some get so impatient that they come up with poor “quick fix” choices and have to pick up the pieces later. Others get discouraged and resign themselves to live with half-hearted hopes as their dreams slowly fade away.

As we wrap up Peter’s second letter, he summarizes his admonitions for staying engaged and dedicated over the long haul despite false teachers’ claims of everything continuing on as it has from the beginning. We are told in 2 Peter 3:14 to wait “with diligence”. This is not pithy “Hurry up and wait!” humor. Peter outlines six specific actions that will help us to be “looking for and hastening the day of His coming.”

So, at the end of this blog, whether you’ve already moved on to the next item of your to do list or you are half asleep, you’ll want to know what Peter has to say. See you Sunday!

In Christ,