Go to _________?

Dear beloved,

Patty and I are flying from Dubai to SFO as I type!  A sweet 15-hour flight – ok maybe not so sweet!  I am sitting next to a woman with a little 6-month baby boy who has been crying most of the trip!  Her name is Sharmin and the little guy is named Mehdi!

This Sunday we start a new series for the summer called “Relentless – A Majestic View of the Minor Prophets.”  However, there is nothing minor about what they said – let’s say they didn’t mince any words!  I wonder if we can handle the truth that lies beneath the surface of our lives?  Remember God is more interested in what is invisible in your life than what is visible.  If you don’t think so read the book of Jonah out loud every day until Sunday.  I doubt however that you will take me up on it??

Jonah, is not a fish story!  It is perhaps more about a prophet than prophesy? But the main character is not Jonah, a big fish, or even the people of Nineveh but about God who manifests the unexpected and Jonah is not one little bit happy about it!  In fact, he is angry with God.

Friends, there are things that as followers of Jesus that should make us angry.  But angry to the point of action.  Nineveh was a wicked nation and that is putting it mildly and Jonah wanted God to show no mercy!  But God said go to Nineveh!  Jesus, was livid about injustice, exploitation, abuse and corruption.  What rattles your cage?  That is one side of the coin and other side is, “love your enemies and do good to those hate you.”

Billy Graham said years ago that if God spares judgment on America He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.  God doesn’t apologize but our nation – well we have lost our identity and certainly our morality.  What about the church?  What about Valley? What about you?  Maybe He wants you to go to _________?

Until He returns as Judge of all the earth,


P.S.  Men, we have a breakfast coming up this Saturday and this is the last Sunday to sign up.  Our topic will be, “Integrity in the Home!”  It starts in our hearts men! Some of us will be on a panel so bring your questions!