Have you misplaced something?

Two weeks ago I mentioned my propensity for misplacing items like my car keys, glasses, wallet, and phone. Sad but true, I do tend to leave these important items lying about in random places and then cannot find them afterwards. My excuse is that I can’t be bothered with trivia when my brain is working on much more “important” things! Whatever the rationale I come up with, the reality is that when I lay something down, I’ve decided that it is unimportant and unnecessary in that moment. Recently I spent an hour looking for a tool I knew I owned but hadn’t needed for quite some time. Finally, I found it, tucked far back in my workbench, covered with dust, unused and frankly unwanted for many months if not years.

If you were asked today, “Do you have the Holy Spirit?” you’d probably quickly say yes. If you were asked, “When was the last time you unmistakably experienced the work of the Holy Spirit in your life?”, you might not be able to answer so easily. Sad but true, many of us have forgotten Him and practically live like we don’t need Him. Have we determined that other things are more important? Is the Holy Spirit’s ministry crowded out of your life by other more gratifying and perhaps less challenging aspects of being a Christian?

This Sunday we’ll examine when, where and how the Holy Spirit works and see four reasons why daily walking in the Spirit is difficult. Make no mistake, streams of living water, gifts, and fruit of the Spirit are wonderful benefits of the Spirit, but humility, brokenness, and obedience probably aren’t on the top ten list of your favorite life activities. Yet we’ll see in John 15:26 through John 16:14, that these qualities are necessary for us to experience the fulness of God’s work in our lives.

See you Sunday!

In Christ,