Slow down please!

Dear friends,

Slow down please!  I was headed to 24-hour fitness a few years ago on De Anza/Sunnyvale when all of a sudden I was passed by someone who was well over the speed limit – I’m talking well over!  Of course, I always drive the speed limit. Just ask Patty as I’m quite sure she will validate the previous sentence?  So, I glanced at who was speeding past me.  Lo and behold it was one of our “Valley Golden Agers” gals in her 80’s at the time.  I floored it and tried to catch her but she had a “hot car” and it was to no avail.

This Saturday night we want all of you to join us here at Valley for a 7:00 pm event we are calling, “Pause and Chill.”  I think some of us need to “slow down” and hit the pause button!  The reason is because we are “moving too fast.”  The merry-go-round of Silicon Valley just keeps picking up speed.

Jon Bryon will be joining us for a “worship evening.”  It will be time to “be still and know that He is God.”

Then Jon will lead worship in both services on Sunday.  I encourage you to “pause” and meditate on Philippians 3:1-6.  There are few chapters in God’s Word that address the spiritual life like chapter 3!

I am confident that He who begin a good work in you is producing in you a hunger to know Him more intimately.  Jesus is a loving, beautiful and powerful Savior and longs for you to enjoy Him.

Please consider inviting a friend,