tick, tick, tick…

Dear church family,

Recently, we’ve had more time together as a family and have enjoyed playing games and doing puzzles. (Thanks for the Star Wars puzzle, Sorrentinos; we started it on May the fourth. LOL!) Just before the lock down we played a game where you work together as a group to disarm a bomb. With the counter ticking down, each player has a different clue about which wire to cut in which order. If you are successful, you get another bomb to defuse. If you aren’t… well, you start over!

Sometimes relationships, and in particular marriage, can feel like a ticking time bomb. The problem is you may not have a clue as to which wire to cut in order to defuse it! If you cut the wrong one, or in the wrong order, things can blow up. Unfortunately, many couples just ignore the sound of the countdown or plug their ears and wait for the explosion.

The Good News is that God delights in bringing fractured relationships back together again. Last Sunday we saw the glory that God receives when two become one again. The most important relationship of all is our relationship with the Creator. That same blessing extends into marriage, then the family of God, and to the entire world. Valorie and I will be sharing three important truths from God’s Word to help us “defuse” those ticking bombs and “rebuild” those relationships for God’s glory!

You won’t want to miss the special Mother’s Day celebration in our services tomorrow! Remember you can watch either service on YouTube OR watch it “live” where you can chat with others who are attending and request Live Prayer from one of the hosts. You will find both of those options available on our website here.

In Christ,


P.S. Some of you were able to join us on Friday morning by Zoom for a beautiful time of celebration at the graveside service for Esther Manoukian. She was like a mom for many around the world through her deep love, service, and tireless sharing about Jesus!!