Milk and Coffee

A couple of years ago Valorie and I led a team from Valley Church to serve with Hands of Hope (HOH) in Zimbabwe. Glen and Patty Miller have seen the Lord do amazing things for almost two decades as they’ve sought to care for the poor, the orphans, and the disadvantaged through the love and power of Christ. (Glen and Patty – Welcome home by the way!)

One Sunday while we were there I was asked to preach at Highfield Nazarene Church. Pastor Matatu has been partnering with Glen and HOH in the work with orphans and community development in the name of Jesus for many years. Pastor Matatu welcomed and introduced our team from Valley Church and said with his amazingly large smile, “Brother, you’ll see that most of us here have coffee colored faces!” When I stood up, I said, “Pastor Matatu, you’ll see that most of us have milk colored faces, but milk and coffee go very well together, don’t they?” We all had a good laugh and for the rest of the trip we talked about being “milk and coffee” brothers and sisters in Christ.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. As a country we continue to struggle to understand how to bring healing to hearts, lives, and systems that are scarred by racism. Our Joel Moment this past Wednesday was a rich time of listening, learning, and loving repentance as we continue to cry out to God for His mercy in racial reconciliation. This Sunday we’ll look at God’s Word for further instruction into God’s remedy for injustice. We’ll see the heart of God for righteousness and justice to flow through His people to all of His creation. I hope you’ll read through Amos chapter 5 to prepare your heart to hear from God.

Yours in Christ,