Our Mission & Vision

Since the middle of 2015, the elders and pastors of Valley Church have been seeking God’s vision for Valley Church. We are firmly committed to the mission God gave us – Making disciples who know God, who are becoming like Christ and who are working to make Him known in Silicon Valley and beyond. In fact, this mission has compelled us to seek the Lord for empowerment and vision.

God has blessed Valley Church abundantly since our beginning as we have been faithful to His Word and true to His mission to reach the world. We remain committed to the following five areas of ministry:

  • Worship Services
  • Children and Youth
  • DISCIPLE Groups
  • Local and Global Gospel proclamation and demonstration
  • Stewardship of Resources – Finances, Facilities, and Staff

We are also solidly committed to the doctrinal statement that has served Valley Church well these many years.

Through study of the Scriptures and prayer, we have asked God to show us His plan. Over the summer of 2016, the elders communicated the three parts of our vision and met with many of the congregation and encouraged everyone to participate in our vision survey. We took the responses from the congregation and, through prayer, now have our final vision presentation.

I.  The first part is the ministry vision. We have a congregation full of people who love God and who know God’s Word. Many are growing to be more like Christ. But we want more who are using their gifts and abilities to make Him known in Silicon Valley and beyond. Our vision for the next two years is to have everyone at Valley Church trained and using their spiritual gifts and abilities to impact Silicon Valley and beyond for the Gospel. There are three specific ways this vision will take place.

A. Leadership Emphasis – A church-wide focus on leadership development. Throughout Valley Church we will be looking to train up and encourage the next generation of servant leaders to accomplish our mission of making disciples.

  1. Fasting and prayer on the first Tuesday of every month
  2. Personal commitment of pastors and elders to training and equipping
  3. Ten deacons at Valley Church within the next year

B. Discipleship Curriculum – “A fully developed discipleship curriculum, including evangelism, prayer, spiritual gifts, and other ministry training elements.” 

  1. 4 X 4 Discipleship – We’ve developed a tool to help the youngest to the most seasoned Christian grow in their love for God and maturity in Christ. It includes:
  • 4 specific reasons for our joy
  • 4 specific ways that we journey by faith
  1. Monthly “Second Friday” – Starting on February 10th, 2017, a monthly church-wide gathering on Friday nights to inform and equip Valley Church with the “4 X 4 Discipleship” materials. We’ll be:
  • Eating together – A simple meal to enjoy fellowship as family and friends.
  • Worshiping together – Christ centered singing and prayer.
  • Learning together – A short time of inspiration and instruction from God’s Word.
  • Grouping together – Application and encouragement in small groups.
  1. Daily “4X4 Disciple” – Daily readings and exercises that will keep us:
  • abiding in Christ joyfully
  • acquiring knowledge and skills for a successful journey of faith

C. DISCIPLE Group Resurgence – “A goal of 20 DISCIPLE Groups participating in “Jesus in his Own Words” (JHOW) in some appropriate capacity to reach lost people by 2018.

Our vision is that at least 20 groups will either:

  1. Pray for the JHOW outreaches going on and invite people to attend one
  2. Send people from their DISCIPLE group to help lead one
  3. Lead their own JHOW experience inviting friends, family, and neighbors

II. The second part of our vision is the Master Site Plan. God has given us an amazing facility at Valley Church. We want our facility to be Safe, Effective, Clean, and Attractive. We’ve identified the following projects as high priority for the next several years:

  • Campus Center Remodel
  • Student Center – Expand/doors/shade, grass
  • Activity Center – paint, ceiling, carpet
  • Welcome center shade and tables
  • Campus storage
  • Prayer room in the Worship Center
  • Bathrooms and office for Sports Area
  • Signage for Sports Area and Youth Center
  • Outdoor lighting and landscaping upgrade
  • Proper gym/community center remodel for Activity Center

III. The third part is the Great Adventure Project (GAP) for our Children’s ministry. We are currently working with the city of Cupertino on our land use permits and have employed an architect to do initial drawings. A team of dedicated servants have dreamed and prayed about:

  • Building 3 dedicated to children’s ministry
  • Secured and dedicated check-in area and safety feature upgrades
  • “Valley Adventure Outfitters” theme
  • Building 2 dedicated to offices, adult classrooms, library, and welcome center
  • Restrooms in Building 4

By God’s grace we plan to have drawings to present to the congregation by January 2017.

From the beginning of Valley Church in 1959, Colossians 1:19 has been foundational to this ministry: “And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent.” May it be true as we seek to follow Jesus in this vision.

If you’d like to hear the vision sermon from Sunday November 13, 2016, you can find the podcast here.

If you’d like more information about our vision for Valley Church as discussed in our 2018 ANNUAL REPORT, click HERE.