Associate Director of Student Ministries

News from Cupertino!

We’re excited to announce that Valley Church of Cupertino, California is seeking to hire an Associate Director of Student Ministries. Maybe you’re the one! Let me tell you a little about us.

We’re a church in the middle of Silicon Valley, not far from Apple Computer and many other leading technology companies. Our attractive campus is situated a huge population area, brimming with people from every part of the world. What’s more, we’re a team of leaders working together to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

We’re not asking God to send us a perfect person. But we are asking him to send us an exceptional one, who is skilled at helping middle school students meet Jesus through repentance and faith, and then facilitate their spiritual development.

The Position Overview:

The Associate Director of Student Ministries will report to and work closely with Max Dequine, our Student Ministries Director. Together they will implement Valley Church’s vision of “making disciples” of the middle school students in and around Valley Church. This is a part-time position at 15 hours per week, occasionally working up to 20 hours per week when needed.

General Qualifications:

The person that we seek to hire is someone who recognizes the need and value for the position that we are offering. We hope to see our next Associate Student Ministries Director faithfully serve out of the love for Christ that they already possess in their hearts. This person is to be first and foremost a servant, but also one that leads with both love and empathy for our students.

General Tasks:

  • Oversee all aspects of our Friday night and Sunday morning middle school gatherings.
  • Recruit, equip, and support a dynamic team of adult volunteers to work with middle school students.
  • Plan, develop and teach Bible-based sermons several times a month.
  • Communicate clearly and consistently with parents, staff, and middle school students via calendars, newsletters, social media, face to face meetings, etc.
  • Create and execute engaging special events and service opportunities for middle school students that draw them closer to the Lord and to each other.
  • Give careful oversight of the middle school ministry budget.
  • Meet regularly with our Director of Student Ministries to create and implement our overall Student Ministries vision.

Personal Attributes:

Shepherd—He or she should possess a sincere love for (and confidence with) teenagers and ought to be deeply skilled in working with all kinds of people with kindness and grace (1 Cor. 13:1).

Leader- Our Associate director of Student Ministries is someone who can unify and direct our preestablished middle school ministry team (1st Tim. 3).

Disciplined– As a leader over our students, we desire a candidate that holds firm to what they know to be right and makes a practice of good conduct (Titus 1).

Hospitable- He or she must exhibit language and behavior that is loving in all circumstances. We desire a leader that is clothed in compassion and empathy (Titus 1).

Humility– We hope to have a leader that puts others before themselves. A healthy reverence for God is accompanied by a strong sense of humility (Phil. 2, Proverbs 22:4).

I’m Interested! How Do I Apply?

If interested in applying, please email the items listed below to Andy Drake at

*A cover letter (no longer than five double-spaced pages) answering the following six questions:

  1. Why are you interested in our Associate Director of Student Ministries position?
  2. What is your philosophy of youth ministry?
  3. What experience do you have working with middle school students?
  4. What skills, qualities, spiritual gifts do you have that would enhance your disciple-making ministry to middle school students in and around Valley Church?
  5. What books have influenced your faith and ministry?
  6. What do you like to do for recreation and how do you like to spend your spare time?

**A resume listing your contact information, education, work experience, references, and other pertinent information.

Important: We can only consider you if you provide everything that we ask for above. Again, just to review, please email: (1) your cover letter with the answers to the six questions and (2) your resume. Please write “My Associate Director of Student Ministries Application” in the subject line.

I truly hope you’ll apply if what you read above stirs your heart! Please contact me if you have any questions.

For the One who said, “Make disciples,”
Andy Drake