Expand & Equip

Expand and Equip

The Expand and Equip ministry facilitates focused discipleship training through periodic workshops, guest speakers, seminars, and courses to equip God’s people to be mature and loving followers of Christ. For more information, contact Darren Seitz or Jamie Allen

2017 Courses:


The parenting class dates and details are being determined.

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

The tentative dates are September 2017 to May 2018. A flyer will be provided when available.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Learn biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic perspectives of God’s purposes in the world in a 15-week course in Sunnyvale from January 9 to May 22, 2017. Contact Jamie Allen (equip@valleychurch.org) for info or see class website.

Theology Program Course 2

The Theology Program Course 2: The Theology Program is an intense theological studies program, designed for busy people who may never go to seminary but want deep theological training. It consists of six 10-week courses. The second course, covering The Bible & Hermeneutics, will be held Mondays 7-9 p.m., in the Student Center from January 23 to April 24, 2017. The weekly format is typically about an hour-long video by Credo House instructors C. Michael Patton and Rhome van Dyck followed by table discussion. There is no cost for the course. Completion of Intro Course 1 is not required for you to take Course 2. No homework is required, however extra readings are available for those who want more study (i.e., portions of Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem; Mosaic of Christian Belief by Roger Olson). For more info, to sign-up, or to indicate your interest in attending, contact Jamie Allen at equip@valleychurch.org.

Course 2 – Bibliology & Hermeneutics

  • January 23 – Session 1: Authority
  • January 30 – Session 2: Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone)
  • February 6 – no class
  • February 13 – Session 3: Transmission of Scripture
  • February 20 – no class
  • February 27 – Session 4: Canonization of the Old Testament
  • March 6 – no class
  • March 13 – Session 5: Canonization of the New Testament
  • March 20 – Session 6: Inspiration
  • March 27 – Session 7: Proving Inspiration
  • April 3 – Session 8: Inerrancy
  • April 10 – no class
  • April 17 – Session 9: History of Interpretation
  • April 24 – Session 10: Historical – Grammatical Hermeneutic

Suggested Course Textbooks (if you want to do the course readings):

Grudem, Wayne. Systematic Theology. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1994. Appx. $30

Olson, Roger. Mosaic of Christian Beliefs. Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2002. Appx. $22