New Code for Life: The Sermon on the Mount

Think of history in computer terms. Malicious code corrupted heaven and earth when God’s technicians (human beings) rejected their Designer, thereby driving a once-perfect and harmonious system towards shutdown. Errors multiplied, choking the creation with rage, craving, division and revenge. But no longer, because the Designer implemented a software update.

The Re-programmer, Jesus Christ, began re-coding the world through his life, death, resurrection and ascension. He’s written fresh instructions so his Father’s creation can operate in conformity with the original Edenic vision. What’s more, Jesus’ loyal workers will express in advance the peace, purity, unity and forgiveness of the refurbished cosmos when it comes fully online at the Master Coder’s final return.

Saint Augustine, who lived in the fourth century (and who knew nothing about computers) labeled the world’s new operating system “The Sermon on the Mount,” because Jesus shared it from the top of a high hill.