Worship Pastor Opportunity

News from Cupertino!

We’re excited to announce that Valley Church of Cupertino, California is seeking to hire a full-time, salaried Worship Pastor. Maybe you’re the one! Let me tell you a little about us. We’re a church in the middle of Silicon Valley, not far from Apple Computer and many other leading technology companies. Our attractive campus is situated in a huge population area, brimming with people from every part of the world. What’s more, we’re a team of leaders working together to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Position Overview:

The primary focus of this position is to lead our church in authentic and passionate worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. We desire to worship the Lord in ways that are meaningful to every individual and use a variety of musical styles. God’s love provokes a holistic response that permeates our heads, our hearts, every inch of our being. Therefore, we will authentically express our gratitude, marvel, and awe of God in ways that reflect who we are as individuals and as gatherings of God’s “called out ones”.

Our Worship Pastor will be responsible for implementing Valley Church’s vision of “making disciples” in our various worship arts ministries. This person will report to, and work closely with, the Lead Pastor to make disciples who know God, are becoming like Christ, and are working to make him known in Silicon Valley and beyond. In other words, to help our church and community meet Jesus through repentance and faith, and then to facilitate their spiritual development – stage by stage – as his joy-driven, journey-taking disciples.

We understand that the Silicon Valley is an expensive place to live. No doubt, those who serve here must know they are called. This is a full-time and salaried position with full benefits. Compensation: $110,000 (negotiable up or down based on experience and training). More information is available upon request.

You can find the full job description below.

I’m Interested! How Do I Apply?

Please email the items below to info@valleychurch.org:

1. A cover letter with short answers to these four questions:

  • Your testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and how you came to know Him.
  • Why are you interested in our Worship Pastor position?
  • What experience do you have working in the area of worship?
  • What skills, qualities, spiritual gifts do you have that would enhance your disciple-making ministry to the people in and around Valley Church?

2. A resume listing your contact information, education, work experience, and other pertinent information.
3. Include at least two links to video where we can see you leading worship.

Important: We can only consider you if you provide everything that we ask for above. Again, just to review, please email: (1) Your cover letter with the answers to the four questions, (2) your resume, and (3) links for video. Please write “My Worship Pastor Application” in the subject line. I truly hope you’ll apply if what you read above stirs your heart! Please contact us if you have any questions.

For the One who said, “Make disciples,”
Kurt Jones
Valley Church Lead Pastor

Valley Church of Cupertino Worship Pastor Job Description – Updated on May 25, 2022

Major Job Responsibilities:


  • Give vision and oversight to all worship ministries to make sure they support the Valley Church mission statement and doctrinal statement.
  • Innovate new worship opportunities for emerging generations including mentoring and resourcing new leaders.
  • Develop and regulate the budget for all Worship ministries in cooperation with the business office.
  • Shepherd the people of Valley Church through discipleship, counseling, training, and teaching.


Weekend Services

  • Work with the preaching team for development and coordination of weekend service creative arts expressions.
  • Coordinate the “tech teams” for our livestream service, in person capture, lighting, audio and visual in support of the worship services.
  • Development of media for the weekend services printed items, power point, multimedia.
  • Coordination of décor of the worship center for worship services and special events.
  • Schedule and develop special events such as baptisms, baby dedications, or other events in the life of the church that usually happen on weekend services.

Shepherd Worship Ministries

  • Develop leaders who can run ministry groups; mentor, provide spiritual and practical mentoring.
  • Curate the calendar of events for Valley Church Worship events in cooperation with other ministry points.
  • Develop and support visual arts ministries including drama, photography, dance, film, etc.

Personal Stewardship of Gifts

The Worship Pastor will have the freedom to participate in worship opportunities outside of Valley Church, so far as they do not conflict with previously scheduled Valley events.  Opportunities may include leading worship, teaching seminars, performing at concerts, and other musical events.


The requirements listed below are representative of the heart, character, knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.

  • Exhibits a passion for God and a Christ-like spirit. These qualities will be evidenced in personal life, family relationships, and ministry. Nurtures inner self through a disciplined life of daily fellowship with God in prayer and Bible study.
  • Must be skilled musically and experienced in worship leading. Must be conversant in traditional forms of worship as well as passionate and gifted in contemporary worship leading.
  • Must be technically savvy to oversee all lighting, sound, livestream, video, and livestream operations.
  • The ability to work efficiently and effectively in team situations is critical, as well as the ability to work independently.
  • Must possess solid time management skills and organizational abilities. The ability to coordinate several activities at once and to quickly analyze and resolve specific problems is important.
  • The ability to communicate and establish effective working relationships with all levels of people, conveying a genuine concern for their needs is essential for this position.


  • Experience in giving effective oversight to multiple teams and ministries in a church (300+) setting.
  • Proven history of leading and building ministry teams.
  • Bachelor’s degree is required.