Dear friends,

“Life can turn on a dime!”  This may be the first time some of you have ever heard this expression?  It means that “life is often governed by very small events,” just like a dime is a small coin.

I was at the gym chatting with a couple of people when a Nigerian young man who I have talked with before blurted out, “Jesus is alive.”  I said I know!  He went on to explain that a week ago today he was driving his Honda Accord home from San Francisco with 4 friends at night.  A drunk woman hit his car at 100 MPH – spun it around 17 times (I didn’t know you can count when going around in circles) and you can see the car in the attached photo.  He thought he was dead.  He showed us a tiny mark on his left elbow – the other 4 walked away without a scratch.  He said as soon as he was hit he cried out, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” a number of times.

Maybe you don’t consider it a miracle but guess what?  If today is an average day in the US, followers of Jesus will die in car accidents and those who have no faith in God will also die.

Yes, “life can turn on a dime.”  We also sometimes say, “he can stop on a dime” – which is a reference to a driver who can stop quickly or suddenly.

One mistake driving, one MRI, one call from the Highway Patrol, one wrong decision – you know that life can, “turn on a dime.”

Question?  What do you do when it does?  Our passage tomorrow is Phil. 4:5-8.  Read and please don’t tell me that you have zero – anxious thoughts, no fears and no worries!  If so you would be not be telling me the truth.  However, is it possible to experience the “Peace of God” amidst the tragedies of life?  My title is, “How can you find security in a dangerous world?”

You and I better have some way forward or we will not have an answers for ourselves, out children, grandchildren, friends or neighbors.  Is “the peace of God” in the midst of life’s twists and turns just a fabrication in our thoughtless minds or reality?

I hope to see you tomorrow unless something happens between now and then?

Because the Lord is near,