Go Lite!

“Carrying a Load? Go Lite!” Those five words form the basis for everything we’ll say this week at our Good Friday and Easter gatherings. You can see it on the banner.

Maybe you have a friend or relative who needs some elevation. Please invite him or her to Good Friday and Easter. You could say, “Please come with me to Valley Church on Sunday. They’re talking about burdens and that’s something everyone can relate to after this very heavy year. You can also watch the services online.”

Let me tell you a little about Easter. I’m trying to make the message very kid-friendly because it’s a family service and Generation Z is important to Jesus. In fact, kids have always been highly honored by the King. I’ll share how the Jesus story lifted a big weight off my heart when I was about eight. I hope it will lift some weights from their hearts, and the hearts of their parents and grandparents.

Oh, and Pastor Andy reminded me to ask you to please come early (if you can) to Church on the Grass. This will help us all get situated in our comfy camp chairs. And, rumor has it that we might just be serving a hot beverage made by percolation, infusion or decoction from the roasted and ground seeds of a particular plant.

By the way, we have a fun video to introduce our “Go Lite!” theme. Tim Knodel is our charming host (you saw him running around last Sunday with the video camera). Here’s Dennis Mack filming Audrey’s answer.

Speaking of the youngest members of Generation Z, Louise and SiuLin have fun little surprises for the kids, some for when they arrive and some for when they leave. Check ‘em out.

And you adults won’t be left out. No way! You’re gonna walk away light of step (that’s our prayer) AND chomping on a “Go Lite!” bag of whole grain, gluten free popcorn made with Himalayan salt, coconut oil and only 80 calories a bag!

Two more things. See the guy on the right below, Frank Chen. He’ll be leading a Prayer Tent on the patio after the Easter service with some other leaders and volunteers. Maybe prayer from a sister or brother is just what you need to Go Lite! Don’t be shy to get prayer from your brothers and sisters. I once got prayer from a big man with a Greek fisherman’s hat after a church service and it made an impact as big as the man. I was self-conscious to ask for it but I was so glad that I worked up the courage.

Here’s a cool story about the guy on the left, Jared Lacey, our interim Student Ministries Pastor. A high school student said last Friday night, and I quote: “Jared’s the kind of guy who makes you feel like you’re somebody.” That’s high praise.

Can we make someone feel like “somebody” today? We should see God-likeness in everyone we meet, and treat them with admiration and respect. Femi Olumofin reminded me of this when I heard his answer to the video question, “What are you carrying?” He answered, “the image of God.” Yes, that’s right! You also bear the image, so like yourself.

Registration is required for all outdoor in-person worship serivces. To register for the in-person outdoor Good Friday worship service on April  2 at 7:00pm, click HERE.

In-person outdoor Sunday Easter worship service is April 4 at 10:45am. Bring your own chair and/or blanket. Register with this LINK. Please read through the instructions on safety before you attend any in-person worship service.

Please note that there will not be any childcare or Sunday School for children at either of our in-person Good Friday or Easter worship services. Easter Sunday is a family worship day. There also will not be any virtual Sunday School for children.

If you are unable to join the outdoor worship services, please attend one of our online options. Just visit valleychurch.org and click on the colorful  Join us online banner.  Virtual Good Friday worship service will be posted on the website by Friday (4/2) at 7:00pm. Virtual Easter worship services will be posted on the website by Saturday (4/3) late afternoon.

With the risen Christ, our “life,” inside (Col. 3:4),
Darren and the Valley Church Leaders