Great Gifts

Hello dear friends,

What makes a great gift? I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently because I got a truly excellent gift for the past Father’s Day.  

  • It was unexpected – I hadn’t talked about this item to my family.
  • It is cool technology – c’mon, I’m a Dad!
  • It is practical – so far, I’ve used it at least a dozen times.
  • It displays the givers know me well enough to understand what I really need. 

This Sunday we’re going to unpack Ephesians 4:7-17 which starts out, “But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ’s gift.”  We’ll look at the amazing gifts God gives to His children and what He expects us to do with them. 

If you can guess what my amazing Father’s Day gift is, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee at our Patio Perks! (Thanks to our great servant team the coffee is actually free, but I’ll get you one anyway!) I’ll let you know on Sunday!

Speaking of Sunday… I hope to see you on campus at Valley Church. Last Sunday I met eight brand NEW people to Valley Church and many of our returning church families. I want everyone to feel loved, welcome, and safe.

We will continue to meet in-person for worship indoors and outdoors at our blended service on Sunday, July 18, at 10:45am. We’re asking unvaccinated people who come indoors to wear masks. Anyone of you who are unvaccinated and cannot wear a mask are welcome to join us on the grass or online as well. You can also watch the service live-streamed by visiting this webpage.

In Christ,