“The Story” Is Here

Hey Family!

We’re starting “The Story” this Sunday. I just want to give you a little more info. Let’s countdown from seven, because, well, it’s sounds fun.

7.         Crack open Chapter 1 and read it before Sunday morning if you can.

Here’s an idea: pretend you’ve never read the Bible before. Let the words fall on you in a fresh way. By the way, we’ll have copies of The Story and Study Guides this Sunday at the table on the patio. (Notice how neatly and attractively Leslie G. stacks them. I could never do that.)

6.         Unleash your creativity and send me your idea for a new title for the Bible.

The word “Bible” just means “books.” That makes sense because it’s a collection of 66. But, if you had to give the whole thing a title, what would you call it? What would help a newcomer get a sense for the whole book? I’ll give you my title idea on Sunday. If you have an idea, please hit “reply” and tell me what it is.

5.         Please come on Sunday night at 6:30 PM. (Bring your beach chair because we’ll be outside – and a sweatshirt.)

We’ll have drinks and dessert and time to hang out on the grass before we watch the video and break into some discussion groups. We’ll be done by 8:00 PM SHARP. We know you have to prepare for the next day. Please bring a beach chair. If you forget, that’s OK, but it might be easier to scramble into our discussion groups on the grass if we have lightweight chairs.

If you can sign up, that would be great for planning purposes. But don’t let it keep you away if you’re not able to sign up in advance. Again, just come. We’re a family and family members don’t have to fill out web forms before coming to a family gathering.

Click on this LINK to sign up.

4.         Bring your kids – and masks for them to wear when we’re inside.

The Seitz Crew will share The Story in a way your kids can understand. We’ll have a little music also. We can take kindergarten and up. The kids and their leaders will wear masks. We’ll meet in Room 3140.

3.         Just come – even if you can’t stay for the group time.

This is a time when our church family needs connection. We need lots of together time. So, please stay consistent with your Life Group, Sunday School Class, Bible Study or ministry team. And if you can, come to The Story on Sunday nights also, if just to visit with old and new friends. (I’m here on campus and the grass is full of young adults. The parking lot has lots of cars. It’s great to see our young adults group thriving.)

2.         Bring a spiritually curious person.

One main goal for The Story is to help new people get a grasp of the whole magnificent story of God, people and the world. Of course, its also for long-term Christians to get a panoramic view of the whole happy-turbulent-exciting-challenging-radiant story that’s still in progress.

1.         Let’s expect God to do something special.

We always anticipate action by the Holy Spirit. Christianity and eager expectation for something good go hand in hand.

Eph. 3:20 Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,

Because the best is yet to come,