Faith it or fake it!

Dearly Beloved,

Faith it or fake it! When it comes to our relationship with the God who created us in His own image, “faking it” is not only foolish but dangerous.

Remember in the early church the historic account in Acts 5 of Ananias and Sapphira! The early church community was known for its unity and generosity. Many believers were selling their possessions and contributing the proceeds to support those in need. Ananias and Sapphira, a husband and wife, sold a piece of property but decided to keep a portion of the money for themselves while pretending to donate the entire amount. That is called deception.

Ananias presented the partial proceeds to the apostles, pretending (faking it) it was the full amount. Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, confronted Ananias, questioning the honesty of his action. After hearing Peter’s words, Ananias fell dead. Later, when Sapphira arrived separately and continued the deception, she also faced the same fate.

This incident illustrates the disastrous consequences of faking faith. Their actions revealed a form of hypocrisy, as they presented a false image of their commitment to the church community and to God. It serves as a powerful warning against pretending.

This Sunday my title is, “Abraham’s journey as a friend of God.” Abraham is the only man in the Bible that I know of who is called a friend of God. Friends share and share intimately. I met with two men this week who are not faking it amidst an unknown future on planet earth. Their paths are filled with pain, tears, and uncertainty.

Abraham’s name is mentioned 161 times in the OT and 70 times in the NT. Perhaps you are surprised about the 70! Guess what? You do not receive eternal life or entrance into God’s heavenly kingdom apart from the faith of Abraham. “Abraham believed God and it was counted to Him as righteousness.” His journey was not “one and done.” He lived by faith, journeyed by faith, and died by faith!

I do not know about your closeness with the unseen risen Lord, but I pray that your intimacy with Him is not only something you are taking seriously, but also enjoying! You can fool me, you can fool yourself, but it is impossible to fool the “Father of Lights.”

Abraham as we learned previously in Hebrews 11 went out not knowing where he was going. This Sunday right after church there will be a Zimbabwe meeting for anyone interested in loving children at risk for 2 weeks this coming April. I stepped out in faith in 1975 for 7 weeks sharing Christ through basketball in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Egypt. That trip changed the entire course of my life and the life of our family. The meeting is in Room 3171 and it is an informational meeting only.

Walking in the light as He is in the light,

P.S. Sunday afternoon at 2 pm there will be a memorial service for Niesje Rossi.