Daily Devotions – “CHASER”

What is CHASER?  A simple method for encountering God each day of the week. Grab the CHASER on the credenza in the sanctuary lobby or download it from the list at the bottom of this page. Get alone, get your Bible, open your CHASER and follow these six steps or “movements.”

Six Movements in Twenty Minutes

  1. Call out and quiet down: Ps. 46:10 (1 minute).

Greet God, then sink, relax, and let cares drop. Do nothing, be quiet and remember who reigns. In other words, unclench your hands, your heart and whatever is clamped tight inside you.

  1. Hear his voice daily in the Bible: 1 Sam. 3:10 (5 minutes).

Hold your copy of the Scriptures in both hands, resting the spine on a hard surface. Then slowly let it open, making a V-shape until it comes to rest at 180 degrees. Then savor each word from the mouth of God as you consider what the human author, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, wrote to the original audience. This is a prelude for understanding its meaning for you.

  1. Acknowledge words, phrases, insights and questions: Matt. 13:52 (3 minutes).

Scribe, record in your own script whatever you observe from your reading that might benefit you or others whom you can tutor in the gospel for the Kingdom of God.

  1. Sing or speak a song of praise: Ps. 101:1 (1 minute).

Now “change the beat.” Involve your emotions and make music in praise of God with the chorus or hymn we provided or with a tune of your choice.

  1. Entrust all your concerns to God: Matt. 6:10 (5 minutes).

You’ve humbled yourself before your Heavenly Father and now it’s time to seek his assistance and wisdom for the needs of the kingdom and the particular circumstances you’re facing.

  1. Run, praise him and chronicle events: Ex. 17:14 (5 minutes).

Be eager to obtain guidance out of the Lord’s limitless affection and authority. Ask, “what should I do, know and feel?” If  gratitude wells up, express it. Boast in God. And finally, historisize your pilgrimage by writing down what happens, good and bad. Later you’ll be amazed at his care as you review your archive.

Weekly CHASER devotionals for downloading and printing are below. The PDFs are fillable. But you need to DOWNLOAD the PDF onto your computer.