Good Journeys

Whole Health, Whole Self, Whole Us

What is Good Journeys? Quarterly gatherings to gain insight and habits for whole-person health. The verb for “go well” is literally, “good roads, highways or journeys.” John hopes his friend would “be led along a smooth path.” It also has the figurative meaning of “to prosper or succeed.” That’s the meaning here. The writer wants his friend to flourish in every aspect of life. In other words, he wishes his friend a lifetime of “Good Journeys.”

Who is it for? It’s for everyone from any religious or cultural background who is interested in improving spiritual, physical, emotional and relational well-being.

Why do we need it? COVID has shown us how sick we are. Mental distress, self-harm and obesity are climbing fast in the United States.  

What do we use? Christian Scripture, walking shoes, hiking poles, weights, old and new books, the Holy Spirit, seminars, star charts, diverse speakers, retreats, and one-on-one conversations.

What’s the basic theme or idea of Good Journeys? God’s grace changes us as we cooperate. So, we establish healthy patterns, methods and structures. It’s training in every dimension of life.

Who will be our main guide? The Apostle Paul. One person said, “For sheer mental force…Paul’s place is with Plato and Socrates.” But besides his theology, his technique has much to teach us. One ancient writers called him a “notable pattern” (hupogrammos) meaning a “model of attitude and behavior.” Despite the scars on his back, his gnarled hands from hard work, he was the portrait of mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health. He said with embarrassment that we should imitate him. In a sequence of letter numbering eighty pages, he teaches us about transformation.

When is our next Good Journeys event? August 13. The topic for this next gathering is friendship. We’ll use Christian Scripture, practices and learn from diverse guides from the past and present. It’s free, but please register in advance using the button below. Doors open at 9:00 am for coffee and snacks. The event itself goes from 9:30-11:00 am.Questions? Sure, reach out to Darren Seitz.