Resources to Unify

Christian Resources for Learning About Racism
and Racial Reconciliation

We hope to periodically update this list of resources and opportunities.


The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation by Miles McPherson

Be the Bridge:  Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation by Latasha Morrison

Oneness Embraced: Through the Eyes of Tony Evans by Tony Evans

One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Race by John M. Perkins

The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism by Jemar Tisby

Divided by Faith: Evangelical Christians and the Problem of Race in America by Christian Smith and Michael O. Emerson

Strength to Love and Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community by Martin Luther King Jr.

Many Colors: Cultural Intelligence for a Changing Church. By Soong-Chan Rah

CONVERSATIONS – These conversations with Black pastors and leaders were recorded at Bayside Church near Sacramento at a conference on June 15. 2020.

T.D. Jakes – “Don’t allow the ways you describe your convictions to alienate you from your brothers and sisters. Let’s be more Christian than anything.”

Miles McPherson – “We get stuck in us vs. them thinking. There is a third option: honor.”

Condoleezza Rice– “Look hard at everything you do and ask, will this help bring a world where every human being is valued as an image-bearer of God?”

Latasha Morrison – “You can be the bridge”

Albert Tate – “This is a big monster of evil, and not one single group can take it down.”


 Pastor Hurmon Hamilton “Greater Things”

Dr. Tony Evans speaks from his heart about social justice

Bryan Loritts: How the Gospel is Our Only Hope for Racial Reconciliation

Dr. Voddie Baucham “Racial Reconciliation”

Tim Keller  Racism and Corporate Evil: A White Guy’s Perspective


Be the Bridge:  Our vision is that people and organizations are aware and responding to the racial brokenness and systemic injustice in our world. People are no longer conditioned by a racialized society but grounded in truth. All are equipped to flourish.

All The Things: a weekly conversation about the cultural issues of the day through the lens of the historic Christian worldview. This is our attempt to create a space where Christians can think through uncomfortable topics.

Pass The Mic: interviews addressing the core concerns of African Americans biblically.

Truth’s Table: Black Christian women who love truth and seek it out wherever it leads them. They have unique perspectives on race, politics, gender, current events, and pop culture that are filtered through their Christian faith.

Real Talk: A Conversation about Racism with Albert Tate and Dave Dummitt


CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION has a long-standing commitment to the confrontation of injustice. Living and working in our communities gives us a unique lens to the pain and systemic injustices that impact those we care about. Sharing Jesus’ compassion and His commitment to kingdom justice is the origin of our advocacy and organizing.

Center for Biblical Unity:  We are men and women gathered from diverse backgrounds unified by the common desire to engage in conversations to promote unity in the Body of Christ.

One Race: Racial unity has a vertical answer, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which compels us to a horizontal action, ultimately bringing healing and justice.

The Global Immersion Project: What would the world look like if the Church took seriously our call to be peacemakers? In pursuit of the answer, we immersed ourselves into conflicts around the globe.  What we discovered is that peacemaking is not just a good idea, it’s the mission of God and the vocation of God’s people.


Roadmap to Reconciliation –

Walking towards Love – Racial Reconciliation Curriculum

“Rethinking Incarceration”

Opportunities for Serving

Restoring lives and rebuilding communities through innovative programs which provide food, shelter, clothing, training, and spiritual transformation.

International Students Incorporated      
ISI’s mission is to share Christ’s love with international college students by befriending international students and helping them adjust to American culture.

Hope, Help, and Healing. We commit to empowering and equipping women and men to choose life for their unborn children through the love of Jesus Christ in accordance with His Word regarding the sanctity of human life .real options san jose ca


Black leaders point out that food programs are a foundational way to help. To donate or volunteer.


The mission of Reading Partners is “to help children become lifelong readers by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction with measurable results”, which can have a significant impact on the education and trajectory of kids.

FutureProfits is an education program that partners with local organizations and public high schools to target under-resourced high school students at-risk of being caught in generational cycles of poverty.

The mission of Bayshore Christian Ministries is to cultivate hope and a future for East Palo Alto youth. Volunteers create the “backbone” and fuel the success of its mission for youth from East Palo Alto and Belle Haven. In a highly-relational environment, volunteers provide spiritual and academic support.

Brighter Day is a work based youth program for genuine life change. The aim of this program is to act as a “safety net ” for misguided youth by intervening and redirecting their lives through work that offers discipline, structure and skills. If a youth really wants to change their lives, they can, by participation in a Brighter Day work program.

The mission of Generations United is to empower the children and families of Redwood City and North Fair Oaks to reach their full potential, in this generation and the next. It begins with relationships, one-on-one, between the adult volunteers and the children they read with, tutor, and befriend. And then the whole family gets involved, around meals, fitness programs, service projects, community networking, and conversations about the things that matter to the neighborhood.

The mission of Reach Potential is to reach underserved youth and their families; equipping and developing them with leadership, learning & life skills and extending opportunities for spiritual development.

Opportunities for Giving

JUSTICE REVIVAL  Our mission is to inspire, educate, and mobilize Christian communities to respond faithfully to the call to justice by standing in solidarity with the oppressed and defending the human rights of all.

EQUAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE  EJI works to end mass incarceration, excessive punishment, and racial inequality.

ZACCHAEUS FOUNDATION  Empowering & Equipping the Next Generation of African-American Leaders