Poised Together: Journey Through 1 Peter (Page 2)


Poise: noun / poiz
1: marked by balance or equilibrium.
2: easy self-possessed assurance of manner: gracious tact
3. ready or prepared for something
4: in a situation that is between two different or opposite things.

What’s this preaching series all about? One word: POISE. Rather than being agitated, rude, confused and isolated, the Apostle Peter — Jesus’ main spokesman among the disciples — urges believers to be poised together in these tense circumstances. Why? Because despite the social pressures mounting on us, we’re full of Lord’s favor and have every reason to brim with optimism and purpose (“this is the true grace of God. Stand firm in it” — 5:12). The Apostle coaches show poise in three ways:

1. Poise with our FATHER.
Believers (“the elect exiles” — 1:1) have received a fresh start and a salvation promise. Because of this inner rebirth, we can be composed whatever happens. God’s approval opens and closes the letter (“peace be multiplied to you”; “peace to all of you who are in Christ” — 1:2; 5:14).

2. Poise with our FAULTFINDERS.
Some of our neighbors are insulting and ostracizing us. But Peter makes it clear that we’re to be impeccably upright citizens who add value to our community. We’re told repeatedly to work for the wellbeing of our fellows citizens (“they may see your good deeds and glorify God…” — 2:12).

3. Poise with our FAMILY MEMBERS.
Believers must interact within our homes and church by respecting roles and sacrificing for each another. Peter has much to say about our personal relationships (“Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood” — 2:17).

So, starting January 3, we’ll explore Peter’s inspired letter to “born-again” people spread out in what is now modern Turkey and learn how to be POISED TOGETHER in our own turbulent times. Please join us!