The Story

Many people have never read the Bible. If they have, it may seem like a big blizzard of a book divided up into little scenes with men and woman like Noah and David and Jesus and Mary and Peter. But most don’t know how all these people and events fit together as one amazing story.

Starting this Fall we’re inviting our Valley church family and neighbors to read the whole Bible this year – and to have a lot of fun together as we do. Each Sunday will be a message that follows the weekly reading along with small group opportunities to discuss it. The Story is the Bible (a lot of it anyway) divided up into 31 chapters. It has sections of actual Scripture from the NIV and then sections that summarize the parts that are a little harder to get through.
We hope you’ll join us for the Story – “The Bible as one continuing story of God and his people.”

To enrich your experience, we invite you to join us Sunday evenings for The Story video series followed by small group discussion. You will have the opportunity to connect Old Testament history and prophecy to the New Testament fulfillment and the birth of the church.

Details: Sundays, beginning September 5 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm | Campus Center, outside on the lawn

For more information, contact Darren Seitz.

To register for this Sunday evening discussion, go to this link: