Long Lines

Dear family,

Don’t you just love waiting in long lines?  Unlike all the technology we have now, I remember waiting 4 hours to register for my classes before I was even inside the building my freshman year in college.  How about going to the DMV?  My wife one time lost her place in line at the DMV because they called her number while she was in the bathroom for couple minutes.  She had to start all over again.  And then there was our family trip to Tahoe.  When we left, the snow started falling again and there was a major back-up on the highway.  It took an hour to make one left turn out of town.  It took 12 hours for us to get home.

And I’m sure you enjoy talking on the phone…with the cable company, your bank, the doctor’s office regarding billing, the phone company and even telemarketers.  Right?

On Sunday, we’ll be looking at Habakkuk together.  He had a crisis of faith in His vision but God is able to speak into not only his heart but I believe to everyone that hears the message through him.