Bible Study

We will be meeting virtually until at least the end of year 2020. Discussion groups will be held at various times on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Recorded visual teachings will be available each week for ladies to view on their own time. When in person meetings are allowed, Women’s Bible Study will resume back to our regular meeting times on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings. But please keep in mind that there will be an option to be in permanent virtual discussion groups for the whole 2020-2021 term.

Lesson Notes 2020-21:

The material for the new season includes the Study Guide, Study Sheet (pdf), and Study Sheet (docx).

2020-21 Bible Study Calendar

Register for the 2020-21 Women’s Bible Study HERE.

Our in-person weekly Bible Study will include a discussion time around the tables followed by a message on the assigned Bible passage by one of our speakers. Seven times during the year we will have an extended fellowship time and have a huge spread of food and snacks in the kitchen provided by the women coming to the study.

All women are welcome!

Thursday morning includes Thursday School for children (ages 3 months through kindergarten) of women attending the Bible study, and Petra, a school for homeschooled children in grades 1-9. Contact Womens Ministries for more information.