Our Mission & Vision

We are firmly committed to the mission God gave us – Making disciples who know God, who are becoming like Christ and who are working to make Him known in Silicon Valley and beyond. In fact, this mission has compelled us to seek the Lord for empowerment and vision.

God has blessed Valley Church abundantly since our beginning as we have been faithful to His Word and true to His mission to reach the world. We remain committed to the following five areas of ministry:

  • Worship Services
  • Children and Youth
  • DISCIPLE Groups
  • Local and Global Gospel proclamation and demonstration
  • Stewardship of Resources – Finances, Facilities, and Staff

We are also solidly committed to the doctrinal statement that has served Valley Church well these many years.

Building Bridges

What is Building Bridges Inside and Out?

Simply put, “Bridges Inside” means greater unity, organization and reliance on the Holy Spirit among our various “tribes” at Valley Church. And “Bridges Out” means a more unified, organized and reliant church working TOGETHER to spread the good news of Jesus to the lost and perishing “mainland” surrounding our “island.”

Building Bridges comes down to three bullets:

  • All our people GROWING in groups
  • Our groups SHOWING God’s love; and
  • Our church KNOWING how God is working

Here’s some more info on each bullet:

Bullet #1: All our people GROWING in groups: We’ll continue to gently nudge every person to join a DISCIPLE Group for “personal-connection koinonia” — i.e., studying, praying, sharing burdens and rejoicing together.” You can help in three ways: (1) join a group (this includes youth Life Groups, you Teenagers); (2) notice who isn’t in a group and invite them to yours; and/or (3) lead or host a group in your home.

Bullet #2: Our groups SHOWING God’s love: We will be asking each DISCIPLE Group to add “shared-project koinonia,” to their “personal-connection koinonia,” by partnering at some appropriate level with a Showing project. Here are five projects that we’re particularly excited about:

  1. Alpha/Reasonable Faith (Frank Chen)
  2. Tennis and Sports Ministry (Thomas Sorrentino)
  3. International Student Fellowship (ISF) (welcome dinners, weekly meetings and friendship partners) (Terry Yu and Gary Claassen)
  4. Children’s Ministry outreach events (STEM Fair, Angel Breakfast, Bunny Breakfast, VBS and Camps) (Louise Winsor)
  5. Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) (Darren Seitz)

However, your group might have its own ideas about how to show God’s love together. That’s just great.

Bullet #3: Our church KNOWING how God is working: We want to multiply the number of live testimonies, interviews, videos, pictures and reports of what the Holy Spirit is doing in and through the Valley Church family for the “glory and praise of God” (Phil. 1:11). So, please help us by being on the lookout for God-at-work stories. When you see the Holy Spirit’s presence in a person, group or project, please tell a staff member.

The following are the Showing/Serving Project leaders. Go to our Contact page to send a message to them.

  1. ALPHA/REASONABLE FAITH–To help with Alpha set up, clean up and meals, contact Darren Seitz.
  2. TENNIS AND SPORTS MINISTRY–To help with Tennis/Sports ministry, contact Pastor Thomas Sorrentino.
  3. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FELLOWSHIP (ISF)–To help with International Student Fellowship (ISF) (welcome dinners, weekly meetings and friendship partners), contact Gary Claassen.
  4. CHILDREN’S MINISTRY OUTREACH EVENTS–To help with Children’s Ministry outreach events, contact Louise Winsor.
  5. Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)—Ladies, to take care of adorable infants and preschool children who never fuss, cry or make a peep : ), please reach out to Darren Seitz.

We’re weak, but He’s strong. How can our church be more reliant on the Lord? We’re recommitting to calling out to God at the monthly Sunday Night Prayer Gathering. In addition to our wide-ranging prayers, we’ll focus each month on a specific Showing project or serving team. We’ll hear from and pray for the team members as they carry out their bridge-building.

For a summary of Valley Church’s ministries and finances for the year 2021, see this Annual Report.