Global Outreach (GO)

“Each individual and community needs something to live for apart from its self and its own work. A global missional vision enlarges ones view of the world, the church, and of the Gospel.” — John R. Mott 1918

Valley Church Zimbabwe 2016
Valley Church Zimbabwe 2016

The Great Commission is not restricted to one region of the world. There are lost people everywhere, but Valley Church Global Outreach has a vision for strategically targeting the “least reached” people of the word. Global incarnational witness, often called “missions”, focuses on communities beyond the immediate reach of the Valley Church family. These are communities that are economically, culturally, linguistically, or geographically different from those attending Valley Church.

Valley Church is grateful for the opportunity to work together with various “Global Outreach partners” and organizations all over the world. Our Global outreach support is supplied by designated “MISSION/FAITH PROMISE” giving, and is completely separate from our general budget.

There are three primary elements to our GO ministry:

INSPIRE – Understanding the heart of God for the whole world and becoming missional disciples to reach the whole world for Christ. This includes educating, enabling, and inspiring people to the Great Commission.

CONNECT – Developing caring relationships with people and ministries supported by Valley Church in Global Outreach. We have many different ways to show our GO partners how much we love them.

SEND – Strategically sending and supporting ministers and ministries to reach across social, economic, linguistic, and geographical boundaries with the Gospel.

2022 Global Outreach Conference Information:

Main Speaker: Dr. Sam George

Sam George was born in India to Christian parents and had a life-changing personal encounter with Jesus at the age of 15. He now teaches about global migration, diaspora missions, and world Christianity and has authored many articles and books. He also serves as the director of the Global Diaspora Institute at Wheaton College.

God On the Move Conference Resources

Refuge Diaspora: Mission in the Midst of Greatest Humanitarian Crisis –

Asian Diaspora Christianity – 3 volumes –

Jesus in Athens documentary film – Jesus In Athens

For more information about the GO Partners that Valley Church supports, click HERE.

Contact Kurt Jones for more information on Global Outreach.