it binds and blinds and grinds

In his book Killing Giants, Pulling Thorns, Chuck Swindoll illustrates the giant of lust through the tragic life of Samson, describing him as “a he-man with a she-weakness”. He goes on to say,

“Several things that illustrate his lustful bent may be observed from the record of his life in the Book of Judges:

  1. The first recorded words from his mouth were: “I saw a woman”. (14:2)
  2. He was attracted to the opposite sex strictly on the basis of outward appearance: “Get her for me, for she looks good to me. (14:3)
  3. He judged Israel for 20 years, then went right back to his old habit of chasing women – a harlot from Gaza, and finally Delilah. (15:20-16:4)
  4. He became so preoccupied with his lustful desires that he didn’t even know the Lord had departed from him (16:20)

The results of Samson’s illicit affairs are familiar to all of us. The strong man of Dan was taken captive and became a slave in the enemy’s camp; his eyes were gouged out of his head and he was appointed to be a grinder in the Philistine prison. Lust, the giant jailer, binds and blinds and grinds.”

Jesus Christ came into this world to set people free from the law of sin and death. (Rom. 8:2). Many today are enslaved to lust through porn and the shame, ruined relationships, and isolation that result. In the sermon on the Mount, Jesus cuts through the superficial and hypocritical self-righteousness of the day by uncovering the giant that no one wants to talk about but that most everyone battles.

Sunday we’ll talk honestly about this giant jailer and finding the path to freedom in Jesus’ name.

In Christ alone,


P.S. Two long-time friends of Valley Church went to be with the Lord recently. Jerry Jacobsen and King Anderson are worshipping Jesus face to face today! A memorial service for King Anderson will be held on Saturday, March 28, 10:30 am, at Westgate Church followed by lunch.