When I say JUMP!

There’s an old saying that goes like this: “When I say ‘Jump’, I want you to ask ‘How high?’ on the way UP!” Sounds like something a drill sergeant or a coach would say, doesn’t it?  This week I was in my backyard and listening to someone who told me to jump. In fact he told me to keep jumping long after I wanted to stop! By the time he was done I was breathing hard and sweating profusely! No, I didn’t invite a drill sergeant into my backyard; I was following an exercise video. I had voluntarily put myself under his authority in order to try to be healthy!

Last Sunday we started a new sermon series called, “Who do you say that I am? – The Identity and Authority of Jesus”. It follows the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, chapters 8 through 10. It is a wonderful collection of encounters Jesus had with various people that display various facets of Jesus’ identity and authority.

This Sunday we’ll look at a guy who knew what “authority” meant – a Roman centurion! This “tough guy” knew how to give and take orders but he had a tender side as well. Jesus meets him at his point of need but the centurion goes “above and beyond the call of duty”, even to the point that Jesus was impressed. Read Matthew 8:5-17 ahead of time and prepare to “marvel” at the love of the Savior and the faith of the soldier!

UPDATE: “Church on the Grass”: I have good news and bad news. Good news – we opened a third service for Sunday nights. Bad news – right now there are only a few spots left, and only at the 7 pm service! Since the county will only allow us to have 60 people at a time we’ve been working to create space for all who want to attend.  (See my last COVID 19 update on the website to read about that.) For those who are unable to attend, we will still be providing our services online, and the same sermon will be preached at Church on the Grass as is online.

So this week we’ll find when and where to do more services, but we need your help. If you’d LIKE to attend but haven’t been able to so far, would you go to our website and put your name on the “wait list”. (click here) Thank you to those who have been waiting to let other people have the chance to attend first. We want to know who you are so we can know how many more outdoor services to plan! Open registration will be made available by email and on the website on the WEDNESDAY before the event. If registration is disabled, that means you are either registering too early or the event is full. Thank you for letting us know your desire to attend these outdoor services.

If you don’t, I’m going to tell you to drop and give me twenty push-ups! Just kidding. This is just a request, not an order! 🙂 Jesus is the only one with that kind of authority!

In Him,