Alpha Course

What is Alpha?  An introduction to Christianity with dinner, videos, honest conversations and ZERO PRESSURE. The videos cover topics like “Who is Jesus?”, “Why Did Jesus Die?”, and “How Can I Be Sure of My Faith?”

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Who is Alpha for? Alpha is ONLY for two kinds of people:

Category #1: Alpha is for NON CHRISTIANS, that is, people of all ages, races and stages of life who don’t have a personal relationship with God through his Son. Or they’re just not sure.

So, it’s for agnostics, atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or secularists. That is, it’s for anyone who is curious about or critical of the Christian faith. We want a diverse group of people from lots of different backgrounds.

Category # 2: Alpha is for CHRISTIANS – that is, people who believe in Jesus –  if and only if they bring along a person from Category #1. Your friend will be more comfortable (at least at first) if you come along too!

So, again, Christians are welcome to attend Alpha if you bring someone who fits into the first category.

Remember, we have lots of groups, classes and one-one-one connection opportunities available for believers. You can always talk to Pastor Steve Noble, Jamie Allen, or me if you need a group or class. We’ll happily connect you.

Is there childcare? Yes. We’ll have free childcare from nursery through fifth grade.

What’s a typical Alpha evening like?

6:30 PM Gather in the Campus Center

6:40 – 7:10 PM Have dinner

7:11 – 7:35 PM Watch an Alpha video

7:36 – 8:45 PM Discuss over coffee in a small group.

How is Alpha is a partnership between you and your Valley Church family?

  • Your part: Invite your friends/acquaintances to an Alpha Course.
  • Your church family’s part: Create a hospitable place where your friends/acquaintances are put at ease so they can talk about Christianity.

How else can I support Alpha? Invite lots of people and pray. Pick up invite cards on the patio starting August 26. We still need people to do set-up/clean up and care for the kids. Talk to Darren Seitz if you’re interested.

How do I register? We’ll have registration on the patio or register online by clicking HERE.

How can I get more information about attending or helping? Contact Darren Seitz at or 669-721-1819.