I’m coming out of isolation!

Dear beloved friends,

Kurt reminded us on Sunday about “loving one another” amidst pain and disillusionment. There are over 50 “one another” exhortations in the NT. The Holy Spirit reminds us that we need one another especially in providing comfort!  This “isolation” that we have and are experiencing should never be the “new normal” for us as Jesus’ followers.  I have been to a plethora of game parks in Africa and the predators isolate if possible one from the herd – especially the young, sick, and elderly.  They easily become victims when isolated.  Social distancing was never God’s plan. (The Word became flesh) He came close and as we reminded on Sunday.  The Lord Jesus is near to the “broken hearted” as He weeps with those who weep.

My message by God’s grace this “zoom Sunday” is “Unshakable Confidence in an Unstable World.”  Jesus said that in the last days, “men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world.”

Our passage Sunday and next will be Hebrews 10:19-24.  Read it out loud 2-3 times a day until Sunday and reflect on the blessings and privileges that we have as God’s chosen people because of what our wonderful Savior has done for us – “it is finished.”  (Try a different translation as sometimes it brings some additional enlightenment)

Here are a couple of reminders:

  • Connect for our “Joel Moments”
  • We will celebrate communion together at the end of the service so please prepare
  • Our “Gathering” is this Sunday night via zoom from 6 pm to 7 pm. Email info@valleychurch.org for zoom info.

Because God is just and the Justifier,