No Fear

The name “Marty Moates” is a legend in the motocross world. He scored a historic victory as one of the first Americans to win in the U.S. Grand Prix of Motocross at Carlsbad Raceway. For most people riding a motorcycle at high speed around a dirt track crowded with other riders while navigating obstacles and jumps would cause a high degree of fear. Not for Moates. He was considered by some to be the most skilled American Motocross rider of all time. Marty Moates leveraged his fame to start a clothing company that many of you know and wear called “No Fear”. As fearless as Mr. Moates may have been on the racetrack, he tragically died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds at age 49.

Fear is a normal and God-given response to threatening or dangerous situations. When Peter writes 1 Peter 3:14, “Have no fear…” he isn’t talking about ignoring the reality of the situation. Christians were, and are, being targeted to receive unjust mistreatment. How can we overcome our fear, our inclination for safety and security? Should we play it safe, stay on the pavement, keep the training wheels on? Or should we deny reality and pretend danger doesn’t exist? Peter gives five principles for living to overcome fear in the power of Jesus Christ.

April 25th is Compassion Sunday: A day set apart to help release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. You’re invited to consider and pray about this opportunity to become a sponsor for a child in poverty around the world through the ministry of Compassion International. We encourage you to stop by the patio table this Sunday for details about the children in need of a sponsor. You can find out more at

I also wanted to let you know I’m having a weekly Zoom meeting on Wednesdays at lunch time called “Wednesday Wonderings”. It’s a time to talk about God, the Bible, our lives, questions, answers, and everything in between. Feel free to drop in for as little or much as you like. Contact Kurt Jones or email for the Zoom link and details.

Our Church on the Grass outdoor worship service is this Sunday, April 25 at 10:45 am. Bring your own lawn chair and/or blanket. Register ASAP with this LINK. You can also register via this webpage where the registration will now be made available every Monday. Please read through the instructions on safety before you attend. If you are unable to join the outdoor service, please attend one of our two online options. Just visit and click on the colorful join us online banner.

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