Soaring with the Sparrows

Hey Church Family!

Hands down, the high point of my week was the Sparrows Mother’s Day Celebration on Wednesday in the Student Center. I wish you could have attended with me. Sparrows gives teens and adults with special needs a chance to have fun, make friends and learn God’s Word. They have worship, movement, fields trips, service projects and art. It’s…just…great. Please check out the Sparrows website. Maybe you have a special needs person in your life who could be enriched? Maybe you’d like to serve in the ministry? Yesterday the Sparrows painted bird houses and enjoyed a lunch that would impress the queen. Check out these pictures.

I sat with mom named Kathy and her daughter Roberta who lost their “Sparrow” Hope just six months ago. They showed me pictures and told me all about their daughter and sister. They’re still grieving intensely – but they know where Hope is. Here’s a picture:

Preston (a beloved Valley Church Sparrow) is on the left. His Dad Roy is next to him. (By the way, if you haven’t met Roy, you’re missing out. He has a tremendous spirit, as does his wife Joanna, who has a ton of vision for Sparrows.) You can see Sparrows and their helpers below.

Chapter 29 of The Story

We’re looking forward to seeing you this Sunday in the worship center (or on the grass) as we worship the Lord in a variety of ways. Doumer picked out this song, “We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations.” Yes, we do. We’ll be talking about Chapter 29, Paul’s Mission and how Paul traveled 10,000 miles and spoke 10,000,000 words about the Savior and Messiah Jesus to anyone of any status level who might listen.

By the way, I was really moved last week to hear Junior and Hanson share about Compassion. I hope you stop by the table this Sunday.

It’s going to be a rich and full Sunday. Our own Valley Ringers will ring for God’s glory, we’ll witness a baptism, and we’ll hear the Children’s Choir sing for all the moms.

One of our elders, Jamie Allen, will also contribute to our gathering with an important Missionary Moment. OK, I guess that’s it for now.

Your brother in God’s big family,