A Life of Joy

Joy seems to be in short supply these days, and believe it or not, you can’t buy it on Amazon! For most of us life is chaotic, messy, confusing and filled with paradoxes. One day we are sitting on top of the world and the next day the world seems to be sitting on top of us! Stress, worry, fear and anxiety often seem to rule the day! The pace and the pressure of life often cause our hearts to sink, our shoulders to slump, our minds to race, and joy is squeezed from us. Desperate, we often search for joy in all kinds of ways—acquiring possessions, climbing the corporate ladder and sometimes unhealthy relationships. But none of these can provide lasting joy, and is joy even possible?
The only probable way followers of Jesus can live a godly life is by the power of the Holy Spirit. Unless Christ is at the center of our lives, inner joy will always be illusive. We embark in January of 2019 in a Study of Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Paul learned the secret of living “A Life of Joy!” Let’s discover how together!