Tear the Roof Off!

Got any major demolition on your “to do” list today?

For several summers during my college years I worked for a contractor. My primary responsibilities included carrying wood and clean up, but my favorite part of the job was demolition. I’d walk into a bedroom or bathroom and get to tear it down to the studs. Using a sledgehammer and a Sawzall, tiles, drywall, doors, windows, light fixtures, and bathtubs all came out. I didn’t know how to put it all back together again, but it was pretty easy to make a huge mess ripping it apart.

In Matthew 9:1-8 the dust was flying when four guys started tearing the roof off Peter’s house. But these guys weren’t contractors, they were just doing anything they could do to get their paralytic friend to Jesus. Although I’m sure it upset Peter, you have to admire the dedication and creativity of their love for their friend!

But there’s a bigger story going on here. Jesus used this situation to demonstrate his identity and authority as the Lord of salvation. He “tears the roof” off the preconceived limitations of his audience in the day, and he wants to do the same for us today.  Join us online here or come for our live outdoor services. For 9:00 AM click HERE. For 10:45 AM click HERE

Let me also remind you about the prayer gathering we have on Sunday night. Join us to call out to God for his work on our hearts, in our church, and in our needy world. Email info@valleychurch.org for Zoom meeting info.

Have a great weekend! See you on Sunday!

In Christ,