No Ordinary King

Some years ago a book was written entitled “When The Cheering Stopped.” It was the story of President Woodrow Wilson and the events leading up to and following World War One. When that war was over Wilson was an international hero. There was a great spirit of optimism abroad, and people actually believed that the last war had been fought and the world had been made safe for democracy.

The cheering lasted about a year. Then it gradually began to stop. It turned out that the political leaders in Europe were more concerned with their own agendas than they were a lasting peace. At home, Woodrow Wilson ran into opposition in the United States Senate and his League of Nations was not ratified. Under the strain of it all the President’s health began to break. In the next election his party was defeated. So it was that Woodrow Wilson, a man who barely a year or two earlier had been heralded as the new world Messiah, came to the end of his days a broken and defeated man.

When Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem the religious leaders dejectedly said, “…look, the whole world has gone after him.” (John 12:19) The mob showed their expectations for Jesus to meet their needs with loud cries of “Lord save us!” But those cheers soon changed to jeers when Jesus didn’t fulfill their expectations or give them exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it.

My title this Sunday is “No Ordinary King” from Matthew 21:1-11. We’ll see the wild enthusiasm of the crowds who shouted “Hosannah!” and the heartbroken Savior who wept over the shallow and self-serving motives that prompted those cheers. We’ll see why our elementary school teachers taught us about the importance of “Show and Tell”, how Jesus modeled it, and why we need to practice it today.

In Christ,

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