What’s bothering you?

Dearly Beloved,

What is bothering you? Anything eating away at you? Is there someone pestering or provoking you?

This morning in my quiet time Jesus stated emphatically to a beloved woman, “you are worried and bothered about so many things, but only one thing is necessary.” The opposite of necessary is unimportant, secondary, trivial, insignificant, useless, and needless!

Our world is obsessed with things that “don’t amount to a hill of beans!”  If you were with us last Sunday, you might recall that King David was asking and seeking one thing. Refresh your memory by reading Psalm 27:4 aloud a couple of times.

One thing:

  • Jesus said to Martha, “one thing is necessary”
  • Jesus told the rich ruler, “one thing you lack”
  • Paul said, “one thing I do”
  • The blind man said, “one thing I know”

Mary’s one thing was listening to Jesus’ words. King David’s one thing was “beholding the beauty of the LORD.” Do you have one thing that you are pursuing above all other things in your life?

We are in chapter 12 of The Story – “The Trials of The King.” Remember any of the bullet points below in the life of King David?

  • Mocked by his brothers
  • Went one on one with a giant of a man
  • Dodged spears
  • Hid out in caves
  • Fought one enemy after another
  • Faked madness
  • Almost stoned by his soldiers
  • Had the kingdom stolen by his own son
  • He numbered Israel
  • Committed adultery and murder

Despite all this, David was a man after God’s own heart. I hope that you will join us this Sunday as David faces the greatest trials of His life. My title is, “David, A Man with Feet of Clay.”  I think you can identify! Perhaps you will learn, “one thing?”

By His grace and for His glory,