You are going to die!

Dear Sojourners,

Yes, you and I are going to go the way of all flesh. My last heartbeat as well as my last breath on this fallen planet will precede yours most likely. Last Friday I did a graveside service for one of our dear saints and celebrated his life on Saturday.

Most of us do not wake up in the morning thinking about the brevity of life but there is “a time to give birth and a time to die.” How we live as well as what we believe between our first and last breath determine our eternal destiny.

This Sunday and next we will focus our attention on David whose name appears in only one verse in Heb. 11:32. However, his name is mentioned 983 times in the Bible. Moses’ name appears 792 times and Abraham’s 231.

My title is “Developing Night Vision.” Our Sovereign Lord often does His best work in the dark, in the inner recesses of our hearts. God is building His kingdom, and He has given us the assignment of taking His message of eternal life into all the world.

Meditate on this verse, “For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep, and was laid among his fathers and underwent decay.” Acts 13:36.

Pastor Allen Jackson said, “This age will not end until our assignment is accomplished, so why do we not pursue that goal with everything we have? I think many of us have become so content with our lives, we do not see the point of rushing toward eternity. We live in nice houses, drive nice cars, send our children to nice schools, and enjoy fun activities. We go on nice vacations and eat in nice restaurants.”

Let us own our assignment and live out Acts 13:36. It is the most joyous, rewarding, and fulfilling life. However, it is accompanied by shadowy trials, dim trails, and dark nights. But David had a Shepherd who led him through the valley of the shadow of death and He is ours!

Living by faith,