Let’s Make a Deal!

As a kid I remember seeing a show on TV called, “Let’s Make a Deal.” The basic premise of the show is that the host offers guests something of value who are then given the choice of keeping the item or exchanging it for something else. The “deal” is that the other item is kept hidden from the guest until the choice is made. The appeal of the game is the level of risk the players are willing to take on the slim chance they’ll trade up for the shiny prizes on display. Some guests get great rewards and others, as you can imagine, get “zonked.”

Not only is this show still on the air today, but “Let’s Make a Deal” is a scenario that gets played out every day in our lives. God has offered us the greatest “prize” that is beyond your wildest dreams. But every day the world around you, the desires of our own flesh, and the boasting pride of life offer us trades that claim to be “better.”

As we wrap up Hebrews 11 this Sunday, we’ll see the prize that has motivated Christians throughout the centuries to resist the cheap offers for their souls, to endure hardship, and to stay true to Christ regardless of the worldly circumstances. For believers in Christ, the promise of God for what and WHO awaits us in eternity is priceless.

What are you being offered today to compromise your relationship with God? Will you stand firm on the promises of God? What is your price?

In Christ,
Kurt Jones

P.S. Remember to pray for all the ladies who are off at the women’s retreat this weekend. May God richly bless them!