Amazed by Grace

As a highschooler I wasn’t a great student, but I liked to read. I had a literature class where we got to read classic books for the entire period. It was an easy class for the students, and REALLY easy for the teacher. It was there that I first read Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. Yes, it was long, but I was captivated by the drama, the history, and most of all, by the triumph of grace over judgment as lived out by the characters of Jean Valjean and Javert.

God used that book, among other things, to draw me to Christ. More than once I remember quietly weeping in Mr. Chamberlain’s class as I read about the beauty of redemption and transformation through Christ. It was something I hadn’t experienced personally but knew I desperately wanted. During my senior year of highschool I gave my heart to Christ.

My goal for us this summer is that we’ll become more and more amazed by our study of God’s grace. Our series is titled, “Encountering Grace: Embraced by the Love of God”. This Sunday we’ll study Ephesians 1:3 and 4 and see just two facets of the beautiful truths of grace.

If you can’t read all 1448 pages of the book Les Mis, I highly recommend seeing the musical. I’ve been twice!

In Christ,

P.S. Plan on coming to our Missionary Potluck after the service this Sunday. We’ll have three global partners joining us, either by livestream or in person.