Follow the Leader

Several years ago, a group of us from Valley Church, along with other friends, participated in an event called a “Spartan Race.” It’s basically a 13.2-mile run, but with one added bonus. Along the way there are 26 “obstacles” – barriers that intentionally challenge the runners to overcome. These include a rope climb, a 100-pound stone to carry, or crawling under barbed wire (in the mud of course). Some obstacles are designed so they can only be accomplished with a team of people who help each other. The feeling of crossing that finish line together was exhilarating and made all the cuts, bruises, and sprains we encountered along the way worth it!

Last Sunday Glen talked about running the race set before us from Hebrews 12:1. On this Easter Sunday we’re going to talk about following our leader Jesus, who went in front of us and blazed the trail to eternal life. His death, burial, and resurrection not only made the way for us to become sons and daughters of God, but he also gave us an example and a focal point as we run the race of our lives.

But have you ever asked the question, “Why did Jesus do it?” This Sunday we’ll look at Hebrews 12:2,3 which answers that question. I hope you’ll be there and will bring a friend or neighbor. Don’t forget that at 9:30 am in the Activities Center all children are invited to come to a hands-on experience about the events of the true Easter story.

See you there.

P.S. We’re expecting our worship center to be tight so if you don’t mind sitting a little bit closer than you normally do, we can make room for everyone who wants to attend. If you can leave the seats on the aisles open, that would be good too. (Overflow will be available.) Thanks!