Perspectives Course

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement returns to the South and East Bay in January 2024.

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Invite your friends on a discipleship journey to understand God’s heart. The course builds a foundation of Jesus’s Great Commission in Matthew 28 through 15 instructors who encourage us to pray, send, welcome, mobilize, and go to the lost. The course covers God’s Biblical perspective by looking a several themes that run cover to cover through all 66 books of the Bible, His Historical perspective by looking at church history from the first century to today, His cultural perspective and how culture is a gift from God and tools to reach our neighbors who might not be like us, and finally God’s strategic perspective by looking at the strategies that are working to reach and disciple the lost next door and around the world. Valley Church is one of four locations hosting Perspectives on Sunday evenings from January to May 2024.

Questions? Contact Richard de Villiers.